From iPhone 111

Ted Sherwan, background for the pier

I have just discovered some amazing painters.  They are from a group called the “Californian art school.”  I am so cheered.  Here is art I like that I could see myself doing, (in a few years), as I plan on practicing a lot!  I am reading books by Rex

From iPhone 221

Ted Sherwan class demo inspired by a David Kessler painting

Brandt and Frank Webb at present. Here is my watercolour teacher who studied under Rex Brandt.  Roll on the kids piano lessons, where I am going to sit down and take notes and sketches from them.

I am considering doing a set of boat pictures that I could use with scripture within a church setting as an encouragement to journey.  They would also be enjoyed just as sketches or paintings in their own right.

From iPhone 002

Researching boats