It’s been an enormous learning curve.  Using computer technology has not been a huge feature of my lifeskills or time before.  Now I have got to grips with setting up a blog.  Finding my way around putting photos on and tags and editing.  I have searched the OCA discussion for ideas on how others do things like…

Learning Logs

I really liked one chaps idea.

1. A daily (almost), waffle on where you are going with art ideas.

2. A summary of the exercises, say 250 words about.  Would that be “Check and Log”?  I think so.

3. Handing in: (by post, email or blog), assignments with exercise summaries, (2-3 pages plus pictures)

4. Handing in: numbered list of pieces with thumbnails

5. Handing in: email link to logbook/blogbook pages online

6. If using a Ringbinder, use section dividers.  Provides clarity to exercises, assignments and reports.


I am using 3 different sizes as well as one I have currently going for my watercolour class here in NZ.

From iPhone 148

Working on an exercise from the book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”

The big A3 is used at present for the excercises out of the OCA Drawing manual.

The others, A4 and A5 are for my scribbles and other profound sketching moments!

I have set up a sketching bag.  It works brilliantly except for yesterday – when  I discovered at the kids piano lessons that I had taken my drawing materials out of it to use for my watercolour the day before and hadn’t put them back.  So we are on a learning curve there too.  To be free to be creative requires a certain amount of organisation!