Flying to Monet in Wellington with my oldest sister, her beloved artist mother in law and uni student daughter.  What fun.  We only got pulled over once by a policeman – we didn’t have our car lights on… 5am on the way to the airport!

From iPhone 019

After Monet

Getting excited about Cezanne, I brought a print to work from.   And I want to study from a classic  called “Cezanne’s compostions”  by Eric Loran.

From iPhone 005

Practising my Cezanne style

Having a Charles Reid ‘moment’, I studied from his book on painting flowers.

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Fruit and wine

From iPhone 011

Flowers in a jug









Then I worked with Tony Couch in his book.  He studied with Edgar Whitney.  More painting exercises for my Visual Diary.  I am working on those building those 1,000 hours to gain  confidence and skill.

From iPhone 016

All at sea – in rough water

From iPhone 004

Very happy with “All at sea’