Hello Learning Log,

I have been having fun with a book I bought off Amazon.  “DRAW how to master the art”, by Jeffery Camp.  He advocates copying the masters.  Here is my drawing “After Rembrandt”

After Rembrandt

After Rex Brandt

I also like the calligraphy lines that he shows from Van Goghs paintings…  So I have started practicing lines with that in mind….

Jeffery talks about how ‘Van Gogh made reed or bamboo pens  describe  his feelings about the sea with active bursts of vigorous calligraphy.  When he did drawings of fields of corn he said the wind made undulations like the sea.’ 1

I am looking forward to exploring more descriptive line with my drawing in pencil and brush work.

1. Jeffery Camp, Draw how to master the art, (New York: DK Publishing, 1993), 25