Had a wonderful family time at Matakana and Warkworth for the day.  Visited Charlie’s gallery.  He has a cafe too and makes the most awesome ice-creams.  What a treat.  My boys and husband indulged and then we enjoyed the three wonderful artist’s who were exhibiting.

I loved Joan’s etching, and my favourite of her’s was a harbour and wharf in watercolour.  The play of light through the pier structure and water…  She is an excellent teacher too and I am looking forward to spending more art time with her this year at Mairangi Society of Arts.


Merles paintings were full of humour, personality and movement with a dog called Spot’s running commentary under most exhibits.  We enjoyed following with my 3 young sons, the comments around the room.  It was encouraging to see skill and humour meeting together.





And then there was Julie Bishop.  Her work was very realistic.  She used mainly pastels and pencils.  I loved her old fashioned milk bottles and the way I could see through them to the rest of the drawing.  Her work was beautiful and I found inspiration in her coloured pencil drawings.  It was so real.  And it cheered me on in my drawing course…

Then off to Warkworth and extended family for tea and a play.  What a wonderful day.