A stencil of Ted's from Painting class

Away on a Christmas holiday, ( Family camp), even with the kids and husband, I had time to reflect and think about art.  The questions I asked myself were, ‘what do I need to have set up to help me do art and primarily get my art exercises completed for OCA  and have my first art assignment done and handed in.’

I came up with these ideas.

1. I need a good nights sleep and be fresh and alert.   – It does help!  But sometimes I will just have to do it even if I’m not feeling that energised…

2. I need table space prepared so I don’t spend all to most of my time just setting up and finding things.

3. A planned study pace would help.  Giving me a goal, impetus, (and a feeling of slight exhilaration/panic sometimes helps too)!

4. I want to get a lot done before we start the watercolour class term up at the end of this month and my next Essentials course later in the year.

5. I do need to plan my drawing time weekly.  I aim to get an OCA drawing exercise, (3.5 hours to 5 hours), completed every week.  Can I do it?  If I don’t aim for it, I won’t.  So let’s aim for that as a minimum.  One drawing exercise a week.  I am finishing ‘Tone and Form’ and going to start, ‘Reflected Light’.  I may have to put aside a day a week in the term just for OCA drawing.  I could probably do that…