Dear Drawing Log, I am excited and relieved to be getting some time and activity happening with my drawing and painting again.  The kids are all at school and I have almost had my first whole week of study again.

practicing calligraphy from Rex Brandt

Having looked at my blog saying what I needed to get this thing happening I have selected days and activities that suit them best for me.

Monday will be house work and office work

Tuesday is my Advanced Painting class

Wednesday is a home study day on drawing and painting

Thursday I can visit people, have appointments and shop for food etc, and swop with Wed if I need to.

Friday I have started a drawing class again.  Extraverts, of which I am one like to be around people and it will help me to keep drawing for OCA too.

I can feel the joy!  I love my boys and holidays but it’s good to be back into study again too!