Exploring the shapes of my cut veggies.

Playing with cut capsicum shapes in pencil

Quick Study in Charcoal

I’d been thinking about white pencil on black paper  since the night before.  I got my 3 different white pencils out.  They all had varying degrees of softness in their lead and so performed slightly differently.  To me, Prismacolor has a very soft lead and has almost a pastel feel and look  and was good for laying down lots of color.  While Derwent has a very sharp lead point and was good for fine detail.  Faber-Castell performed somewhere in the middle.  I tried white pastel on the first capsicum and it acted like wax to water with the white pencils.  It was the one in the middle.  I didn’t use the pastel again in the drawing!  A putty rubber came in handy several times but it wasn’t used constantly like in the bread and cheese drawing.  I think next time I would use a bigger piece of paper and give the top of the cabbage more room.  I was happy with the layout and grouping even through a put in a man-made object too.  But it seemed to fit and I felt it needed a sharp and long object to offset the round and gentle curves of the other objects. Then I thought about widening the cabbage so as it unfurled its leaf spread a little more over the table.  I am finding that the process of choosing and discarding and planning a drawing takes some time but is more satisfying and so enjoyable in the end…

Assignment 1, Drawing with white pencil on black paper