Today I am catching my blog up with my art.  Started a new topic in my OCA Drawing paper a few weeks ago.

It has taken a while for me to realise that the nice orderly fashion I went through Topic 1, ‘Mark Making’ may not work here.  I find I am more nervous drawing in my book I have set aside for assignment work.  Far freer on a loose sheet, as I tell myself it doesn’t matter.  This can be discarded!

Today I went through Topic 3 requirements and they are all to be on loose paper.  So!  I am shifting my process of how I collect my Topic 2 Assignment work together.  It may be some of it in my A3 Assignment book and some will be loose.  And for Topic 3; ‘Nature’, it will all be loose.  I better find my old black A2 folio case and empty it to start using for OCA…