How I drew these two different pieces.

I drew the man-made objects first.  I was very nervous about my first piece.  The first loose sheets I used.  Yes, I did all my exercises in a large A3 Visual Diary.  I remember feeling great that the objects looked like what they were.  Visualising each object singly. I came back to it over days to work on.  Having sprayed the drawing, it was hard to do anything about the niggles I had re circles and ellipses, particularly with the wine glass.

The natural object piece of cabbage and peppers was done quite differently.  This was helped by my being under a table for most of the day with a lamp on one side and a cloth on the other to stop any other light bouncing on.  So I looked for light and dark, not individual objects.  I was more confident working on a loose sheet now having done it for the other piece.  I did the main piece over one day, getting up for morning tea and lunch!  The media for the preliminary drawings, (charcoal and pen & ink) was used loosely and quickly though carefully.

What worked and what didn’t?

The second piece with the cabbage worked while the first with the man-made articles didn’t .  Why not?

What did I do wrong?  What could  I do differently now?

I read somewhere in a golfing book that the practise shot is often a better shot so an idea around that is to tell yourself, ‘this is a practise shot, and your arms will loosen, your brain clear.  You will enjoy the shot for what it is and not fixate on the dilemma of pass or fail, good or brilliant… or whatever…your interanal judge says to you.

But my first preliminary (practice shot), drawings and my piece didn’t work so well here.  What did I do wrong?  I worried. I worried about putting in my first assignment.  I fixated on the objects.  I really liked my objects.  And I really liked the composition.  As opposed to the cabbages which aren’t my favourite vegetable… where I just played with the veggies till I got an interesting play of light, angles and shapes.  Ah, that is it.  Next time, I’ll chose ‘anything’ objects and draw them looking for interesting light, shape and angles rather than carefully choosing ‘romantic’ objects and compositions.

Also, I need one light source, be relaxed and focus on drawing rather than … and confidence using loose sheets.  I’m working on loose sheets now.  And I can use the lamp more.  And it will help to do what Jim suggests… “Try not to see each part of the course as separate but as a whole with aspects that relate and have a developmental thread.”

What worked for me ?

What also worked for me with the cabbages was the use of line. Line in the preliminary drawings and in the final piece.  I am finding I really like drawing line rather than tone.  I find a freedom doing that.  It doesn’t have to be pencil.  That I’d rather pick up a black pen or charcoal than a pencil and just start to draw.


To look at light (tone) , shape and angles rather than objects.

Use large loose paper confidently.

Use a lamp.

Listen to my niggles.

Think of assignments and exercises as stepping-stones.