I am still working through what I need to do and what my tutors report means I need to do… And it’s what an OCA booklet guide suggests.  Keep checking back on my response.

I am reading through all the OCA booklets again.  Ah, they make more sense after some constructive criticism!  I almost think that there is so much to take in that I wonder if anybody gets it right the first time.  But I’m sure some do.

Thoughts at present:  This is more than just a drawing course.  I will need to read and interact with text.  Visit and discuss responses to other artists work.  Write up about the artists I am watching on Sky Arts channel.  Explore how and where that takes my journey.

As I see what I have missed out in my learning log I am more open to understanding the criticism…  And how valid it is.

  • Check and log sections. I could document better. What have I learnt?  How I will use this new information.  How this will help me progress?
  • Other artists; thru books, Sky TV arts channel, gallery’s, discussing the context of their work in the history of art and how their work may relate to my own.
  • Added extras: cuttings, scores, postcards, current thoughts on art or particular craftsperson and why they/it intrigues me.
  • Tutor information.  Ah…  Where would I file my reports?  My emails?