This week I printed out most of my learning log posts and began to sort them with letters from the OCA and emails from my two tutors.  Then I printed out my library loans from the same period and began to cut and paste.  Leaving room for comments on books and exhibitions.  Room to critique and discuss how I was being moved forward by these things.

I am a visual person.  I can see where I am going and it has been a lot easier accessing this data in a hard copy.

It was also helpful to see the gaps where I could have written a lot more critically and included more art study.  It is going to be worthwhile to fill those gaps in.

I have all the library books I used and others I bought for art in this time period and have them arranged on the floor to copy illustrations from and discuss.

And I am enjoying doing it, though I will miss spell-check and the ability to edit on-screen!