After struggling with shadow.  Finding it was too harsh.  Contemplating how to cover it with white options.  Trying them out on spare paper.  Rubbing out for over an hour did not answer the dilemma.  Trying to redraw the picture.  My brain would not go there.  Was I too tired?  Was it the left brain, right brain thing?  Or had my brain decided that it had already solved this problem and therefore did not need to do it again.  Cutting out the objects and gluing them with acid-free glue onto another piece of paper, then placing them under a heavy book.  Investigating how David Hockney’s shadows fell.  Drawing again a shadow on the background… It was only a little better.  The paper was too thin and it did not lie flat.  Visiting a new art shop I explained my dilemma.  Ah, they said, use double sided adhesive paper and thicker paper.  I had suspected the thicker paper was the way to go but had not heard of the other. Returning home, I drew again the handbag ,as a line drawing using hatching, inspired by Van Gough’s etching of Paul Gachet.  Also to warm me up for drawing that shadow again and possibly procrastinate on doing the deed in case I got it wrong again…

Man-made objects, supporting study

Man-made objects, Assignment 1 Drawing