Saturday saw Joan Taylor, a 79 yr old and still going strong, printmaking teacher and her students give an exhibition.  I found fellow drawing students and enjoyed the vibe together.

Joan Taylor, tutor at Mairangi Bay Art Society

Girls from my drawing class 🙂

These two etchings I enjoyed for different reasons. The tonal contrast of the black and white figure drawing with its play of texture and markmaking.  A stillness and somber gaze holds the viewer.  The pack of dogs, have a joy of movement which is reflected in the movement of colour. There’s an energy and sense of humour in the dogs grins and decorative markmaking.

Figure Study by Lorraine Morton, Softground etching

Pack of dogs by Merle Bishop, Softground etching

It was special for me too because I found some art that made me smile, that I could afford and knew just where to put it in my home… “Flapping colour”.

Flapping colour by Jill Cahill, colour etching and earthenware

My new purchases' artist on the right talking with a group at the exhibition.