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I had a wonderful time Friday morning.  There was a new teacher, Marie, at my drawing class filling in for Joan while she helped hang  her exhibition.

I first watched her demo as she drew on a easel.  Putting a grid in and then outlining in Willow charcoal.  Filling in shapes in block local colour.  Then adding tone.  Looking at counterchange.  Light against dark.  After morning tea we got to work and I did mine within the remaining hour.

A photograph of fruit - still life

I filled in block shapes with local colour

I loved the immediacy of the pastel.  How vibrant the colour and even texture after working   with watercolour for so long. How it ties together shape, tone, colour.  I think I want to buy a set.  A starter set and use this in my life class and elsewhere.  Woke up Saturday dreaming about it…

Covering more of the page. Test colours are below the drawing

A finished pastel drawing


Deciding that I needed to loosen up with some coloured pencil, oil pastels and a new calligraphy set I have purchased.  Still working out the calligraphy set…  Reading ahead and seeing that I need to buy some coloured markers.  I need to investigate options and ph some art shops.

Then finding tone and depth with sea shells.

Tone and depth in detail, A4 – ‘Shell’

Tone and depth in detail, A3 – ‘Shells’

Black pen contour line drawing for my lilies

Worked on lilies and a line drawing, then how to do it with colour.  A little harder… There’s more to think about.  I had two goes at both…  I like the second go better.  Think the line is stronger and the color less pretty and more working for me.

Another try, this time going for more a more calligraphy style. Maybe the background is too dark on the right?

Painted a w/c background, then lifted out parts of the vase with an inch brush and put colour in with other brush strokes.

Starting  to look at the nature topic, the exercises and the media.

Working on line with a rock-melon cut in half

Today I am catching my blog up with my art.  Started a new topic in my OCA Drawing paper a few weeks ago.

It has taken a while for me to realise that the nice orderly fashion I went through Topic 1, ‘Mark Making’ may not work here.  I find I am more nervous drawing in my book I have set aside for assignment work.  Far freer on a loose sheet, as I tell myself it doesn’t matter.  This can be discarded!

Today I went through Topic 3 requirements and they are all to be on loose paper.  So!  I am shifting my process of how I collect my Topic 2 Assignment work together.  It may be some of it in my A3 Assignment book and some will be loose.  And for Topic 3; ‘Nature’, it will all be loose.  I better find my old black A2 folio case and empty it to start using for OCA…

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