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I am planning to go down to Devonport next week and take in the sight of all these wonderful paintings…

Wonderful Ponsonby paintings with Ted Sherwan

Wonderful Ponsonby paintings with Ted Sherwan


Painting piers from Ted’s brush sketch

At drawing class, pen and ink and watercolour on smooth w/c paper

Decided I like art with a bit of humour.  Had fun working on these last week.

I found a quick brush sketch of Ted’s and decided I liked the humour and colours and I’d try painting it.  The Pier was done in watercolour class and taken home to finish.

The rag-dolls were leaning against the wall on a side table and I decided to give them a go.

I set myself to learn from those who could paint.  Here is my take on a painting we looked at in art class – last year.  I’m happy with it.  I finished it yesterday and glued it into my art book.  Yay!

After David Kessler -Pier and sky

Dear Drawing Log, I am excited and relieved to be getting some time and activity happening with my drawing and painting again.  The kids are all at school and I have almost had my first whole week of study again.

practicing calligraphy from Rex Brandt

Having looked at my blog saying what I needed to get this thing happening I have selected days and activities that suit them best for me.

Monday will be house work and office work

Tuesday is my Advanced Painting class

Wednesday is a home study day on drawing and painting

Thursday I can visit people, have appointments and shop for food etc, and swop with Wed if I need to.

Friday I have started a drawing class again.  Extraverts, of which I am one like to be around people and it will help me to keep drawing for OCA too.

I can feel the joy!  I love my boys and holidays but it’s good to be back into study again too!

A stencil of Ted's from Painting class

Away on a Christmas holiday, ( Family camp), even with the kids and husband, I had time to reflect and think about art.  The questions I asked myself were, ‘what do I need to have set up to help me do art and primarily get my art exercises completed for OCA  and have my first art assignment done and handed in.’

I came up with these ideas.

1. I need a good nights sleep and be fresh and alert.   – It does help!  But sometimes I will just have to do it even if I’m not feeling that energised…

2. I need table space prepared so I don’t spend all to most of my time just setting up and finding things.

3. A planned study pace would help.  Giving me a goal, impetus, (and a feeling of slight exhilaration/panic sometimes helps too)!

4. I want to get a lot done before we start the watercolour class term up at the end of this month and my next Essentials course later in the year.

5. I do need to plan my drawing time weekly.  I aim to get an OCA drawing exercise, (3.5 hours to 5 hours), completed every week.  Can I do it?  If I don’t aim for it, I won’t.  So let’s aim for that as a minimum.  One drawing exercise a week.  I am finishing ‘Tone and Form’ and going to start, ‘Reflected Light’.  I may have to put aside a day a week in the term just for OCA drawing.  I could probably do that…

Flying to Monet in Wellington with my oldest sister, her beloved artist mother in law and uni student daughter.  What fun.  We only got pulled over once by a policeman – we didn’t have our car lights on… 5am on the way to the airport!

From iPhone 019

After Monet

Getting excited about Cezanne, I brought a print to work from.   And I want to study from a classic  called “Cezanne’s compostions”  by Eric Loran.

From iPhone 005

Practising my Cezanne style

Having a Charles Reid ‘moment’, I studied from his book on painting flowers.

From iPhone 007

Fruit and wine

From iPhone 011

Flowers in a jug









Then I worked with Tony Couch in his book.  He studied with Edgar Whitney.  More painting exercises for my Visual Diary.  I am working on those building those 1,000 hours to gain  confidence and skill.

From iPhone 016

All at sea – in rough water

From iPhone 004

Very happy with “All at sea’

From iPhone 111

Ted Sherwan, background for the pier

I have just discovered some amazing painters.  They are from a group called the “Californian art school.”  I am so cheered.  Here is art I like that I could see myself doing, (in a few years), as I plan on practicing a lot!  I am reading books by Rex

From iPhone 221

Ted Sherwan class demo inspired by a David Kessler painting

Brandt and Frank Webb at present. Here is my watercolour teacher who studied under Rex Brandt.  Roll on the kids piano lessons, where I am going to sit down and take notes and sketches from them.

I am considering doing a set of boat pictures that I could use with scripture within a church setting as an encouragement to journey.  They would also be enjoyed just as sketches or paintings in their own right.

From iPhone 002

Researching boats

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