I am currently studying with Ted Sherwan for watercolour and Joan Taylor for drawing at Mairangi Bay Art Society.  Both of my tutors are in their mid 70’s and it is an honor to learn from them.

I am a member of: http://www.mairangiarts.co.nz

Links to Ted’s paintings:

http://www.flagstaff.co.nz for Ted’s latest exhibition



Ted Sherwen

There has not been a time when I have not drawn, encouraged by my father who maintained a constant supply of off-cut cartridge paper – no mean feat in post-war Glasgow.

I was fortunate to gain an apprenticeship as a Lithographic Artist with a large publisher in Glasgow. Those early years laid a sound foundation of training in the graphic arts, created and honed a critical awareness of colour, rounded off with a first class grounding in design.

You may choose to ignore design, it will not ignore you, especially in the fine Arts. By comparison to oils, watercolour is a minor medium, however handled boldly it can produce work which stands comparison with any medium.

For 12 years (1978-89) I studied Easel Painting in Watercolour, on an ongoing basis with Californian Rex Brandt, NA, AWS, benefiting immensely from his generosity and interest.

I choose to paint in any one of three overlapping styles, this keeps my options and my mind open and maintains an element of surprise for the viewer. Palette selection varies for the same reasons. A sense of humour can, and does complement works and their titles. I am always aware of form and the inherent beauty of watercolour pigment settling on 100% rag paper, whether painted directly, glazed or mixed on the paper, if left alone, it glows with an inner luminosity.

Many of my paintings, regardless of size, start with a soft edged abstract underpainting (not always) The main image configuration of shapes, darks and colour are often then painted on directly, on a ‘give and take’ basis, with the underpainting. Form to content, content to form.

I work full-time from by studio but separate to my home in Takapuna.

I teach by invitation to Art Societies in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Joan Stevens Taylor

Joan Stevens Taylor was born in Devonport and received a Diploma of Fine Art from Elam School of Art Auckland University. While teaching Art and Art History to Bursary level she was introduced to printmaking by John Drawbridge. Her interest was so great that she left teaching and attended overseas workshops in etching and stone lithography. On her return she became a full time printmaker.

Bookbinding skills were obtained later at the A.I.T. [now A.U.T.] and Joan now teaches these to enable students to create Artist’s Books in conjunction with their printmaking.

Joan also paints in watercolour and oil and has recently been working in pastel