oca-uk website: ‘Arts: visual, verbal, musical and mathematical are not alone among human activities that depend on a balance of intuition, intellect and actions to take them forward in public and personal life.

The Open College of the Arts was founded to cater for people who wish to develop their abilities and understandings in this sphere. People who see no present way of engaging in the traditional pathways of full-time education.

I am hoping to do:

three of these level 1 papers:  Drawing 1, Illustration 1, Understanding Art 1, Starting to paint 1. Watercolour 1

Painting 2: Exploring Concepts, Painting 2: Finding Your Way.

Painting 3: Your Own Portfolio, Painting 3: Advanced.

Open College of the Arts is a university in the UK that works well for those who want to study by correspondance.  They require a learning log be filled out along with their assignments.  This way the students thoughts can be read and hopefully a journey of growth can be discerned!

I am doing my Learning Log as a blog.  It was a struggle at first, as I love making creative journals but I’m enjoying making my blog now and the IT side has become easier. I hope you enjoy it too!

I am taking the first of 7 papers towards an Honours degree in Creative Arts.  It is  Drawing 1.

Torbay Beach, Dec '09